Cell Phone Contracts are Dead
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Underwear Blocks Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Radiation
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Well, here’s some news we can use. Half of us, anyway.

Following up on his Indiegogo campaign from a couple years back, British scientist and entrepreneur Joseph Perkins has finally delivered his Wireless Armour line of underwear, designed to protect men from the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic wireless radiation.

Electric Underwear Warms Up Women Divers

Perkins’ invention is intended to address an anxiety increasingly familiar to the 21st century man: As we run around all day with cell phones in our pockets and sit with laptops on our laps — should we worry about all that wireless radiation in close proximity to, you know, the equipment?

Maybe so. While research on the matter is far from conclusive, studies have shown that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by computers and mobile devices may have an effect on sperm count and mo…………… continues on Discovery News

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