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Here’s how cell phone carriers are tracking everything you do
News from VentureBeat:

To co-opt a line from a song, just because you’re paranoid don’t mean your cell phone carrier ain’t watching you.

One mobile developer, Trevor Eckhart, has lifted the veil on mobile carriers’ insanely invasive practices, which include tracking almost everything we does with our phones, from locations to keystrokes and beyond.

The data-logging software is called Carrier IQ, and its makers have told reporters it is intended to grab “information off the handset to understand the mobile-user experience, where phone calls are dropped, where signal quality is poor, why applications crash and battery life.”

However, logging keystrokes — and in turn collecting every phone number, every search, every text message — as the above video shows the software doing, wanders outside the domain of what any mobile carrier should do to its customers.

We’ve written about Carrier IQ in the past. The company

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