Hackers use feds to scam cell phone users into paying up
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Scammers are finding ways to remotely hack into cell phones and make you believe you’re wanted by the Feds. If you take the bait, it could cost you hundreds.

“They have access to everything. They can record you. Record every call, every text,” IT Expert Colman Ryan said.

Ryan says this tactic has been used before. But now, there’s a mobile twist.

“The FBI or Federal ransom-ware, malware or virus has been around for years, but now I’m seeing it on the Androids,” he said.

Ryan says high-tech scammers are fooling their victims into believing they’re wanted by the authorities.

“They put a screen that looks pretty official. It claims to be the FBI or a federal agency or the cyber security squad. And they basically lock your phone so you can’t do anything with it,” Ryan said.

And sometimes there’s an audio alert saying something like, “This phone has been locked by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for viewing prohibited content.”

And the threats don’t stop there.

“Tell you they’ll put you in jail for so many years,” Ryan said. “And they will snap a picture of you and plaster that on the screen.”

Ryan says the scammers will tell you they’ll drop the charges if you send them money through a Green Dot money card.

“Well the typical price is $ 300 to unlock the phone.” he said.

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