Hands-on: Panasonic’s CM1 may be the best smartphone camera yet
News from Gizmag:

There are plenty of smartphones out there which have good, if not great cameras, but even among the best the specs of the Panasonic Lumix CM1 stand out. It features a large 1-inch type 20-megapixel sensor which dwarfs those of most of its rivals, and boasts RAW shooting for more flexible processing. Gizmag recently got to spend a bit of time with the smartphone camera to see if it really is a viable high-end compact replacement.

While most smartphone cameras are best thought of as smartphones that are also good cameras, the Lumix CM1 is being billed as a high-end compact camera which also just so happens to be a fully-fledged Android phone. Indeed, in the marketing bumph, mention of the CM1′s smartphone status is limited to an “Other Functions” section.

When the CM1 was initially announced last year, it was bizarrely only stated for release in France and Germany. Since then the release has been extended slightly, with more countries due to get the CM1 later this year. Having previously used the Nokia 808,

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Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone?
News from Forbes:

A new study shows Smartphones are potentially addictive, and researchers have suggested that they should come with a health warning.

If you have your smartphone next to you all the time – even when you sleep – then perhaps it’s time to question what this level of attachment means.

Could you step back if you wanted to? Or is your smartphone use starting to get out of control?

This recent study, published in the International Journal of Cyber Behaviour, Psychology and Learning, found that the more you use your smartphone, the higher the risk of being addicted.

Researchers also looked at the psychological effects of smartphone use, and reported that psychological traits linked to smartphone addiction include narcissism and neuroticism.

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