Link Between Cell Phone Use & Brain Cancer In Children?
News from WFAA:

More than 16 million teens and younger children have a cell phone planted next to their ears. Can cell phones cause brain tumors in children? It depends on whom you ask.

A new study says there is no relationship between cell phones and brain cancer in kids, critics of the study say the jury is still out.

The study’s authors compared the cell phone habits of nearly 1,000 children in Western Europe, including 352 with brain tumors and 646 without. Ages of participants in the study were 7 to 19 and residing in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or Switzerland. In-person interviews with a parent present were used to estimate each person’s cell phone use, and if they were available- phone company records were used to confirm the data.

Kids who used cell phones were no more likely to develop a brain tumor than others, according to the study published in the online Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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Living near a cellphone tower might eventually melt your brain, give you cancer or worse, neuter your reproductive organs — at least that’s the warning issued this week by a dissenting group of trade activists. 

“People who live near cell towers and antennas are in jeopardy,” Dr. Robin Bernhoft, president of the official-sounding but really obscure American Academy of Environmental Medicine, told

In an attempt to encourage citizens to write Congress and ask the FCC to update “obsolete” regulations of radio frequency radiation emitted by cellphones, Bernhoft’s colleague Whitney Seymour of activist website Citizens for Health added, “FCC standards for cell transmission antennas were based on earlier studies created almost 20 years ago using even older data.”

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