More wireless customers are saying “yes” to no-contract phones
News from Roanoke Times:

Hold the phone: Times are changing again in the world of smartphones.

Yesterday’s prepaid go-phone is today’s no-contract smartphone.

The no-contract service advertised in many circulars offers unlimited data, unlimited text messaging and unlimited talk for as low as $ 50 per month.

No contract; no worries.

Nicole Ward, a former Verizon Wireless customer, switched to Sprint Nextel’s Boost Mobile six months ago because she was dissatisfied with Verizon’s recurring user fees, poor customer service and contract plans.

Ward, a grant coordinator for Radford University, then switched again to Sprint’s Virgin Mobile because she preferred the smartphone selection. Now, Ward, her husband and two sons all have no-contract phones.

According to Ward, her family pays $ 185 per month for three prepaid smartphones and one standard cellphone. The monthly cost is only $ 15 less than Ward’s original plan at Verizon, but her family has unlimited text messaging, u…………… continues on Roanoke Times
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Mobile Phone Use Not Linked to Child Brain Cancers, Study Says
News from ThirdAge:

Mobile phone use has significantly increased in children ages seven to 19, as concerns over the risk of brain cancer tumors remain prevalent. A study conducted by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute found that children in this age group who use cell phones have the same risk of developing brain cancer as those who do not have mobile phones.

Concerns remain over the impact of cell phone usage on the brains of both children and adults. Kids are arguably more at risk, because their nervous systems are still developing. According to Medical News Today, there is also concern that electromagnetic waves associated with the phones have the potential to penetrate further through the smaller heads of children.

352 brain cancer patients from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland participated in the study between 2004 and 2008. Their cell phone usage was tracked and partially …………… continues on ThirdAge

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