Smartphone users paying too much for unused data, CUB says
News from Chicago Tribune:
The majority of mobile phone users are paying for expensive wireless data that goes unused at the end of each month, the Citizens Utility Board said Tuesday.

CUB released an analysis of smartphone data plans based on information gathered through its Cellphone Saver, an online service where consumers can upload their wireless bills and get advice on how to save money. The tool has analyzed about 19,000 bills in the last three years.

For the latest report, CUB looked at more than 11,000 Verizon Wireless bills and found that smartphone users consumed an average of 456 megabytes of data per month, well below the 2-gigabyte allotment that is typically the smallest data package in wireless plans. Verizon Wireless recently eliminated unlimited data plans in favor of a tiered system where the lowest-priced plan in…………… continues on Chicago Tribune
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