What Is The Secret Ingredient Every Successful Smartphone Needs?
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Xiaomi Mi Note 4 (image: Xiaomi)

Whether you call it magic, soul, an x-factor, a reality distortion field, the knowing touch, a sixth sense, or any of a hundred other names, when I pick up a smartphone there is an instantaneous reaction as to the suitability of the smartphone. After picking it up and feeling it in my hands and after a few moments with the UI,  the initial impression has been made.

Any manufacturer that can capture that feeling of ‘mojo rising’ in the first moments of a customer picking up a handset in-store, or trying out a friend’s handset, will have a huge advantage over the more staid and average competition. How can they try to achieve that?

While marketing messages, promotions, and glossy pictures can catch the eye of prospective buyers… when the technical specifications start the geekerati wondering about how faster and more powerful a handset is… even if endorsements by the latest Hollywood b-list soft-core romance star will bring some attention to a product… it’s the tactile experience that starts the physical relationship between the smartphone.

The holy grail of a manufacturer is to capture an instant affection, to have the first tactile moment infect  the memory, the first stolen glance and hesitant brush of skin on glass to become electric as the icons shimmer under a gentle touch. Capture that fever and you  capture th…………… continues on Forbes

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News from Christian Post:

By David Robertson , Christian Post Contributor

March 28, 2015|12:44 pm

Before the year ended, Google announced its next-generation Nexus 6 by Motorola.

Back then, the move to work with Motorola was hardly a surprise to anyone as the company briefly became a part of Google. The success of the Moto X and Moto G the year before could have also pushed Google to choose Motorola over other manufacturers.

Youtube Screenshot/ file

Google Nexus 6

However, according to a report by Android Origin, Google may be returning to LG Electronics for the upcoming Nexus 7 smartphone. Insiders claimed that several Google engineers paid a visit to LG’s headquarters last week.

According to Korean media, the Google employees checked the Korean manufacturer’s LG Display and LG Innotek facilities.

Due to this development, the media believes that this could confirm that Google will return to LG for its upcoming smartphone after allowing Motorola to design its Nexus handset last year.

Meanwhile, the report also speculated that Chinese manufacturer may also be involved in the picture. As a result, there could be two possible scenarios – either LG or Huawei w…………… continues on Christian Post

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